Magic Hour Productions, Inc. rebrands to plotline!

Magic Hour Productions, Inc. rebrands to plotline!  

For the first 10 years of being a small business we were a video production company known as Magic Hour Productions, Inc.  Our lives invested in our clients and work.  Lots of good work, award winning work.  We are proud of the thousands of videos.  But something was missing, bottled up, always eager to come out.  Ideas.  Creative, inspired, connected.  Always.

One problem.  We were just a production company, a good one.  Frame it up, make it pretty, yup we can do a dolly move, and a zoom with a rack focus.  Good shoot, repeat.  Near the later half of the decade we started to offer suggestions.  They would always stick.  And work.  Amazingly.

The ideas never stopped coming and moved us into something new.  Something non existent.  There was no definition for the direction we were going.  In a nutshell we are the ad agency version of a production company.  The video branding agency.  Brand storytelling using video.  That is plotline.  The seamless integration of your video brand as an extension of your existing branding collateral.

Your brand story unfolds.


Welcome to plotline.



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