The FOX NETWORK renews THE REAL WINNING EDGE! plotline hired to improve production.

The FOX NETWORK Renews THE REAL WINNING EDGE!  plotline hired to improve production.  

The long running TV program THE REAL WINNING EDGE has been signed on to produce yet another season of inspirational content.  This season will start with episode #326,  an amazing feat in broadcast longevity!

We are proud to be a part of such a long lasting program.  You may remember the show from when you were a kid.  It’s been on that long.  The show is a showcase of perseverance, commitment, dedication, and faith.  All to inspire young people to go out there and never give up no matter the odds.

We developed a close relationship with the producers of the inspirational youth program almost 2 years ago and have been a firm believer in the mission of the show.

We look forward to making an immediate impact on the production of the show.

Stay tuned…

plotline wins 23 Telly Awards!

plotline wins 23 Telly Awards!  

We have always heard about the Telly Awards as a benchmark for quality production work.  Effective storytelling rewarded by peers in the form of a really cool statue.  Eventually, we thought, we would like to win one.  It all really started way back in 2010.  A crossroads.

We started looking at our work with a different pair of goggles.  We invested our talents in the concept phase of projects and it started to have an immediate impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of our work.  The birth of video branding.

With that permanent change in place and our direction firmly afoot we are on a path that has proven effective for our clients and rewarded by our peers.

We are proud to finally announce plotline has been awarded 23 Telly Awards over the past two years!!


This is just the beginning.


Magic Hour Productions, Inc. rebrands to plotline!

Magic Hour Productions, Inc. rebrands to plotline!  

For the first 10 years of being a small business we were a video production company known as Magic Hour Productions, Inc.  Our lives invested in our clients and work.  Lots of good work, award winning work.  We are proud of the thousands of videos.  But something was missing, bottled up, always eager to come out.  Ideas.  Creative, inspired, connected.  Always.

One problem.  We were just a production company, a good one.  Frame it up, make it pretty, yup we can do a dolly move, and a zoom with a rack focus.  Good shoot, repeat.  Near the later half of the decade we started to offer suggestions.  They would always stick.  And work.  Amazingly.

The ideas never stopped coming and moved us into something new.  Something non existent.  There was no definition for the direction we were going.  In a nutshell we are the ad agency version of a production company.  The video branding agency.  Brand storytelling using video.  That is plotline.  The seamless integration of your video brand as an extension of your existing branding collateral.

Your brand story unfolds.


Welcome to plotline.



The Power of Video and Good Storytelling

The good folks at iMedia Connection have shared great insight into the near future of our industry.  Web, mobile, TV, tablet?  Where will video be delivered and how will it affect marketing campaigns?

For us at Plotline we’ve been thinking in this direction for many years and are poised at the cutting edge of this wave of integration.

“23% of media consumed is on a mobile device.  However, only 1% of advertising is spent on mobile” says Tim Avila, VP of Product Marketing, BrightRoll.

What changes will you adopt to target mobile viewers?

Avila says, “These numbers are expected to significantly increase over time. In fact, mobile is the fastest growing segment of video.”

Tim goes on to say, “You can tell a great story with video and that’s why we’re seeing such extraordinary growth.”

How will you use video in your future marketing?

What does the future hold for video? All’s we can say is, it’s EXCITING!

Read and watch the entire discussion from iMedia Connection here:   The Power of Video and Good Storytelling


Welcome to Plotline!

Welcome to the Plotline blog.  This is where you will find us spilling the beans about our industry, video branding, and how it applies.

One thing is for certain, video is making huge waves in the world we live in.  Web, mobile, broadcast, it’s all at our fingertips for the watching.  We’re proud to be on the front edge of that wave riding the best board in the market.


So, you need a video.  Yup, that’s what the marketing guy said, “we need a video.”  Well, you’re right.  You do need a video.  And not just one, or two.  You need a video solution.  A solution to reflect the brand standards you set with your other branding collateral.  What is that solution?  Video branding.

Your brand is your company’s image, how you are perceived in the marketplace.  And a video may just be the most visible and constant part of your brand, especially today.  So, when you think about “needing a video” make sure you take into account that your video brand is just as important as your print and web brand.  It’s not “just” a video any more.  It’s your brand, and people are watching.