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Welcome to the Plotline blog.  This is where you will find us spilling the beans about our industry, video branding, and how it applies.

One thing is for certain, video is making huge waves in the world we live in.  Web, mobile, broadcast, it’s all at our fingertips for the watching.  We’re proud to be on the front edge of that wave riding the best board in the market.


So, you need a video.  Yup, that’s what the marketing guy said, “we need a video.”  Well, you’re right.  You do need a video.  And not just one, or two.  You need a video solution.  A solution to reflect the brand standards you set with your other branding collateral.  What is that solution?  Video branding.

Your brand is your company’s image, how you are perceived in the marketplace.  And a video may just be the most visible and constant part of your brand, especially today.  So, when you think about “needing a video” make sure you take into account that your video brand is just as important as your print and web brand.  It’s not “just” a video any more.  It’s your brand, and people are watching.



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