The Power of Video and Good Storytelling

The good folks at iMedia Connection have shared great insight into the near future of our industry.  Web, mobile, TV, tablet?  Where will video be delivered and how will it affect marketing campaigns?

For us at Plotline we’ve been thinking in this direction for many years and are poised at the cutting edge of this wave of integration.

“23% of media consumed is on a mobile device.  However, only 1% of advertising is spent on mobile” says Tim Avila, VP of Product Marketing, BrightRoll.

What changes will you adopt to target mobile viewers?

Avila says, “These numbers are expected to significantly increase over time. In fact, mobile is the fastest growing segment of video.”

Tim goes on to say, “You can tell a great story with video and that’s why we’re seeing such extraordinary growth.”

How will you use video in your future marketing?

What does the future hold for video? All’s we can say is, it’s EXCITING!

Read and watch the entire discussion from iMedia Connection here:   The Power of Video and Good Storytelling


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