plotline wins 23 Telly Awards!

plotline wins 23 Telly Awards!  

We have always heard about the Telly Awards as a benchmark for quality production work.  Effective storytelling rewarded by peers in the form of a really cool statue.  Eventually, we thought, we would like to win one.  It all really started way back in 2010.  A crossroads.

We started looking at our work with a different pair of goggles.  We invested our talents in the concept phase of projects and it started to have an immediate impact on the overall quality and effectiveness of our work.  The birth of video branding.

With that permanent change in place and our direction firmly afoot we are on a path that has proven effective for our clients and rewarded by our peers.

We are proud to finally announce plotline has been awarded 23 Telly Awards over the past two years!!


This is just the beginning.


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  1. Hello can I reference some of the material here in this entry if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  2. Marcia Johnson says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your video production on the overview of Culver Academies. Besides being a high school, I had no idea of all the activities that are offered. The summer camp program looks wonderful. I had no idea Culver was more than a military training facility. I saw the video on Facebook.

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